Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm

Our Christmas Tree Farm in Catsfield will be open from Saturday 16th November 2019 until Christmas Eve. Our opening hours are 9am-6pm 7 days a week.

British Christmas Tree Growers Association

“Hiya, I just wanted to say a quick thank you to you all.  I stopped by and chose my Christmas Tree Friday afternoon and was helped by your partner and Olli, they were very patient with me.  I am quite particular and indecisive, a great combination!!! My tree is beautiful,  thank you very much. Happy Christmas – see you next year x”. – Thanks



Please note: As you order you will see an option 'Instructions if you are out'. Please click and complete this,  including a contact telephone number - it makes the delivery driver's job so much easier!

cctf recycle circleRecycling option Price from £7.50. We will collect and recycle your tree from 8th January. Just leave the tree outside your house in a prominent place and we will do the rest.

We are sorry but the option to order this is now closed.

It will be back next Christmas though!

Prime Grade Real Nordman Fir Christmas Trees from £39.95

Prime Grade Nordman Fir
125/150cm (4ft 1in – 4ft 11in)
Price: £39.95

Prime Grade Nordman Fir
150/175cm (4ft 11in – 5ft 9in)
Price: £49.95

Prime Grade Nordman Fir
175/200cm (5ft 9in – 6ft 7in)
Price: £59.95

Prime Grade Nordman Fir
200/225cm (6ft 7in – 7ft 5in)
Price: £79.95

Prime Grade Nordman Fir
225/250cm (7ft 5in – 8ft 2in)
Price: £94.95

Prime Grade Nordman Fir
250/275cm (8ft 2in – 9ft)
Price: £114.95